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senxual massage and sexual massage are not a sexual service

Sensual Massage and Sexual Massage, Neither of these are sexual services but both could assist any person to improve his intimate relations with his partners.


There are many reasons for an adult to develop barriers on their intimate relations with others. These could be cultural, educational, psychological, faith/religion or bad experiences. A Sensual Massage and a Sexual Massage could help to dissolve those barriers and help us to explore our sexuality and/or body in order to achieve a healthy intimate relationship with others.

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A Sensual Massage is a sensual massage no matter who is receiving it. As I have said many times before, the sexual identity, preferences of a client visiting a male sensual masseur does not matter and the service by itself does not differ much, but the approach of the masseur probably will differ slightly depending on the client’s sexual identity, though no more than it will differ depending on other reasons.

When the masseur opens the door he should scan rapidly and identify who he is dealing with, there is not a technique for doing this, it is more a question of experience and sensibility.


The measure of a good massage is not only how good you feel during the massage but also how good you feel afterwards and in the days that follow.

It is easy to feel good during a massage and, to be honest, it is not very difficult to make you feel good, but this is only about the moment and has not much to do with the quality of the massage. You could have a great experience which is a worthless experience and you could have a disappointing experience but a great massage. No, I am not trying to trick you and nor am I playing word games.  What I am saying is that one thing has almost nothing to do with the other.


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I often write about how irrelevant your body type, beliefs, sexual identity and age is in order to obtain all the benefits from a male to male massage and/or to enjoy the male touch of a professional masseur.


I am sure you have often seen the ‘gay massage’ tag used in male masseurs’ ads.  Just because we use the term gay massage in our ads it does not mean we only offer our services to the gay community and/or that any male who is not gay cannot request our services.


male masseur for men in London

Every day you find more and more ads for new male masseur for men in London, but what can you expect from a male masseur for men? To be honest, everything and nothing.


That someone advertises as a male masseur for men in London does not mean anything special in itself. I know many men fancy the idea of having a massage from a male masseur and especially the idea of having an erotic massage. 


To be just a male masseur is not a guarantee of a good service, nor of the service you need or you fancy experiencing. For that reason the first thing you should do is ask yourself what do you really want to experience: proximity of a nude body, relaxing massage with a ‘happy end’, sexual massage, exploring your sexuality in the hands of another man, or maybe just feeling the caring touch of another male without any second intention and in the relaxing atmosphere and complicity nudity provides during a man to man session.