Gay Male Massage


I repeat constantly that your sexual preferences, belief or fait are irrelevant in order to obtain the benefits of any London Sensual Massage’s services that I provide for male clientele.


For a professional male masseur, should not be any difference but unfortunately there is; reason why when the erotic male masseur is a gay masseur, he will have more advantage at the time to provide his erotic services for men and of course the client will be the one getting more benefit from that.


There are less boundaries with a gay masseur physical or psychological, we love and respect our body but also we love male form. Of course you should always respect your masseur and play smart making him feel comfortable with what is happening during the session if you do so, you will get as far as you can image if you do no, just do not forget masseur always has the control.


London Sensual Massage is about sharing, about joy, explore your body and new ways of stimulating your energies with another man but, it is not just an exclusive gay male massage service, any male is welcome to come and benefit from my expertise, my intensive training as an erotic male masseur and all my years of experience working as a gay masseur in London.


Saying that, many of my clients are gay and I am very happy about that, but I also have many client Bisexual, straight, single, married and at the end, all that variety is what is helping me every day to become a better therapist because I learn from all those different backgrounds and it is a rich experience.


As a therapist one never stops learning and finding new ways to improve our services. There are not many London gay massage therapist offering tantric gay massage service for men or same sex sensual massage and when I say that, of course I mean qualified professional masseur.


At London Sensual Massage whatever you want a gay male massage, gay masseur or male erotic masseur you are welcome to come and let me play with all your senses, always with love and respect.