Gay Massage Home Visits and Hotel


Gay Massage Home Visits and Hotel


Many clients, specially the ones whit less experience curious about having a nude massage from another male for first time, get worry by the time to book a male masseur for an Out call even if it is for a gay massage home visits or a hotel room service.

I could understand why. You are inviting an estranger to your place, he will have to go and maybe one neighbor would see him or he have to talk with the door person or the receptionist at the hotel but, Let me tell you something:


If you call a professional gay masseur, with a professional website and someone who is working for a long time offering gay massage home visits services. You can be sure he will know how to drive himself through all those situations without any problem for you or any need to give explanations to no one.


Professional gay masseurs, we  know how to dress in order to access a hotel without being notice and even on the case we have to deal with a door person or a security desk person,  he will never know what business is bringing us to your place.


When we offer out calls, We know is more important than ever to be discrete and we know how to avoid questions or give the right answer on a very natural way.


When you book a professional gay masseur, you will get a professional service but also a professional behaviour.


For a discretion matter is why I do not travel with a massage table and I always ask for your name in order to avoid awkward situation on the case I am stop. Can you just imagine what the door person is going to think if I do not know your name?. When I had been stop on my way to gay massage home visits service or hotel visit I always said I come to see my friend… your name and it makes perfectly sense when they see is really your name.


So there is nothing to worry about it, we know what to do.


Namaste !  Andres – London Sensual Massage – Owner