Gay Massage – man to man massage service


Gay Massage – man to man massage service


I am a gay masseur offering Gay massage – man to man massage service for male clientele. I can honestly say I am not a person into labels, therefore I do not feel very comfortable talking about gay massage, M4M massage etc…  but, it is incredible the number of calls I receive every week from men asking me for girls.


At London Sensual Massage, I only offer man to man massage services.


I am a solo male massage therapist owner. I am not an agency. I do not even offer a four hands man to man massage service!. Why man to man massage service? or Why Gay Massage? No reason.

For me it is the same to use that or any other label: ‘man to man massage service’, ‘male erotic masseur for men’, ‘M4M massage’,  ‘Gay massage ‘ etc…  After all, those or any other labels do not define me as a person, neither as a professional.


No one needs to be Gay.

This does not mean that you have to be gay to visit me or have a gay massage, nor that you are going to become one if you do; believe me, it takes a lot more than a man to man massage service or a gay massage for that!

Gay massage tag is a clear way to state the type of service I offer and that you are going to find an open-minded therapist who happens to be gay – and a very happy one! offering man to man massage service and guess to whom, of course, to man.

That was my clear intention but it seems to me that even after using these labels, after all the explanations and articles you could find on my site about  man to man massage service, gay massage, M4M massage,  with pictures of me all over the site, not to mention, that I am the only person answering the phone, still; there are people who just don’t get it!


Most of the time is OK, but usually these calls are late at night, and more than once someone has asked me for the girls after he has arrived at my place, which is not cool at all.

It is for all these reasons that you are going to often see the gay massage label on my ads and website together with the M4M massage or Man to man massage service but as I said, it is not meant to be exclusive, if anything it is meant to be the opposite.


Every man is welcome regardless of his faith, beliefs, age, race or physical appearance. All you need to have is a clear open mind in order to enjoy the experience, and once the session is over, you are free to return to your life as you came, without any tag on you, at least not any new one.

I am here to help you explore your body, to experience new sensations, to discover new ways to enjoy your sexuality and to make you feel good about yourself.

What you do once you leave my studio is not my business unless you want to make me aware of it for some reason. I never keep phone numbers, make calls or send text messages; you are the one getting in contact with me all the time.



Namaste !  Andres – London Sensual Massage – Owner