Lingam London Sensual Massage

lingam at a temple

Lingam London Sensual Massage – Professional man to man lingam massage.


Lingam is a term used in Tantric and Tao massage to refer to the sexual male member, penis to be specific. Manipulation of the lingam is included in all and each of the services offered at London Sensual Massage M4M, but of course there are some differences between all Lingam London Sensual Massage M4M services .


Sensual m4m or Erotic massage m4men or gay massage are basically the same service – the choice to use one term or another is more something personal – but generally when we mention any of them, we have the same thing in mind.

In my experience, a male straight or heterosexual client tends to refer to the service using the first two terms whereas a gay or bisexual person will feel more comfortable using the term ‘gay massage’. Ultimately we are talking about the same thing, which is an intimate service with a male masseur who is most of the time naked. That’s why we can refer to body to body massage, full body contact or naturist massage, or nude massage – we’re still talking about the same thing.

During the session the masseur will give you a full body and full body contact massage starting on your back and building the massage and erotic experience working toward your feet, after which you will be asked to turn over and the masseur will start on your shoulders and arms and work towards your feet again, but this time erogenous areas and genitals will be included, hence ‘lingam massage’.



Tantric massage m4m or tantric gay massage are two different ways to refer to the same service. The difference from the above being that tantric massage is more a form of therapy, is longer and takes a lot more concentration from your masseur.

The routine is similar but with a lot more deep massage and a spiritual component that the erotic services do not have.


During a tantric m4m session, the therapist or master should nurture your chakras and perform a chakra balance for you to get the benefits of the session. Also, during a tantric massage session life coaching should be included, and this is when the practitioner will go over the full experience helping you to achieve those changes needed at any level – physical, emotional and spiritual.


The lingam London Sensual Massage will take longer than during an erotic massage as the ejaculation is not the only goal – sexual energy will be aroused from your lingam to all the chakras on intervals.


Tao massage is in between sensual massage and tantric massage, the aim of Tao massage for man as in erotic is your pleasure but it is a more intimate experience with more physical contact!


Lingam London Sensual Massage  in all services at London Sensual Massage M4M 

Whichever massage service you choose you have the guarantee of the lingam massage though the intensity and the aim of the massage is different in each one. If you are not clear about which service to choose but you are about the aim, feel free to discuss this with your masseur so he can give you advice about which service will best address your goals.


Namaste !  Andres – London Sensual Massage – Owner