Lingam Massage



Lingam massage is the manipulation of the male sexual organs.


Lingam is the Sanskrit name for the masculine sexual organ as well the symbol of male creative. Most hindus view the lingam as a symbol of the divine energy not as a sexual symbol therefore, lingam massage has connotations behind physicality


The aim of the lingam massage is to achieve the relaxation of the man and help him to get in tune with his most sensible side.


When Lingam massage is performed for a professional male masseur or a tantric male therapist, lingam massage heals the deepest emotional layers within us,  specially those with negative connotations towards sexuality.


Ejaculation is not the goal of the lingam massage, always welcome if happens but not necessary, a male lingam masseur will guide you to explore your sexuality in order for you to discover new forms of pleasure.


Lingam massage is the base of the tantric massage, specially gay tantric massage or M4M tantric massage. when the practitioners of the tantric massage are from the opposite sex we should talk about lingam massage and Yoni massage which is the manipulation of the feminine organs.


The lingam massage is about receiving not giving for what a passive attitude is highly recommended. While the male client will laid over his back with an open minded, the tantric male masseur will massage with special oils and specific movements all the inferior male areas covering penis, testicles, prostate (interior and exterior) etc…


Male tantric masseurs, we treat male sexual organs with respect and veneration, for us is not a physical act if not an spiritual experience. That respect and spiritual experience is the difference between a lingam massage and a happy end massage were there is not respect or veneration for the male sexual organ or the male creativity.




Namaste !  Andres РLondon Sensual Massage РOwner