Prostate Erotic Massage & Erotic massage for man


Prostate Erotic Massage M4M

Prostate massage is include in all services at London Sensual Massage  but, it is part of the massage not a service by itself.

During any gay male massage service, whether it is the 1h service or the 1h30 service, prostate massage it is going to happen but not during the whole time. It is not a 1h or 1h30 prostate erotic massage. I treat the prostate as any other part of the body, shoulders, back, legs, feet, prostate, etc…


The prostate massage is more specific of  Tantric massage than of an erotic massage.


Erotic massage is a full body erotic nude massage, which means the male masseur is nude as well as you. Erotic massage is as erotic as should be relaxing.  Erotic massage has a crescendo,  an increasing rhythm. We start working on your back at first getting focus on your relaxation.

Working first on your shoulders, back, lower back, buttocks, legs and feet till we cover the full body. Once this first part of the massage is over,  you will be asked to turn over and then your front part of the body is going to be massage.

Front part routine is shoulders, arms, hands, chest, thighs, erogenous areas, genitals and finally the prostate, all your body will be massage till you relief and the massage will end will with a very pleasurable neck and head massage.

Any massage taken care of the erogenous areas is considered to be an erotic massage. More important than what we do is the intention so what makes a massage an erotic experience is the full intention of the masseur.  The prostate is considered to be one of those erogenous areas, specially for male.  Therefore, we can talk about Prostate erotic massage when is there the full intention of the masseur


Different techniques of Reiki, Tantric, Californian massage and Thai massage between others are applied. I take the best of each technique, developing a personal approach to erotic massage for men.

Just keep in mind that each time and with each client it could be a little different according to the perception I have of what he needs, what his body is needing on that specific moment. Overall, the massage structure is pretty much the same for everyone unless, it has been tailored to specific needs or fantasy.

Any request will be accepted but always should be negotiated from the beginning and I recommend even doing it when making the booking.



Namaste !  Andres – London Sensual Massage – Owner